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  • The New Site - Rehashed

    22/05/2015 - The new site is launched. The content has been refreshed and the site, polished.

  • Freakshow - Now With Simcoe Hops

    04/02/15 The latest ‘Freakshow’ beer from the warped mind of the Hopmonster has been released. SIMCOE has been brewed with obscene amount of the American Simcoe hop. Can you handle it?

  • A New Recruit

    04/02/15 Welcome aboard to our latest recruit, Sam Martyn. Sam is a local lad with a passion for home brewing, we just have to help him scale up a bit!

  • Dreadnought Commemorates The Hopmonster

    04/02/15 Our latest special is about to break surface, DREADNOUGHT is brewed to commemorate the launch of HMS Dreadnought on 10th Feb 1906 which is, coincidentally, the Hopmonster’s birth date (10th Feb, not the 1906 bit!)

  • Mayflower is the SEEssex CAMRA Pub of the Year

    04/02/15 Hearty congratulations to SEEssex CAMRA Pub of the Year, The Mayflower in Old Leigh and the Club of the Year, South Benfleet Social Club. Both permanent stockists of George’s Brewery Ales - surely more than a coincidence?

  • George’s Brewery Gift Pack

    27/11/14 It’s coming up to that time of year when we all think "What shall I get my nearest and dearest?" The answer, of course is a Gift Pack from George’s Brewery ! Packs of 3 or 4 bottles with the option of an exclusive branded glass.

  • Xmas Ales Released

    20/10/14 Details of our seasonal ales have been released on our Xmas Ales web Page, accessible from our stock list

  • Snake Oil Stout

    20/10/14 This year's brew of Snake Oil Stout has been released, still the venomous black, easily quaffable ale.

  • George's Best

    26/09/14 New recipe George's Best released. Pale in colour and dry-hopped for extra aroma

  • Crystal 4.2%

    26/08/14 Next Hopmonster beer - CRYSTAL 4.2% - is about to escape from the fermenters ! Made with loads of Crystal hops, balanced with two other New World hops to give a lingering hop hit. Coming soon to a bar near you.

  • 4 New Brews: Hopmonster "Waimea" and George's "Lest...", "Saxon Gold" and "The Fallen"

    09/07/14 Website updated with current stock list and upcoming beer festivals plus news of four new beers, Hopmonster Waimea, George's "Lest . . . ", George's "Saxon Gold", and George's "The Fallen".

  • Beer Festival and More

    29/06/14 We have supplied beers for the Miley, Rochford, Beer festival for this coming weekend, plus all the beers fro the Southend Golf Club Charity Beer and Music Festival 3rd to 6th June.

  • 3 New Brews: George's "Shrimpers Ale", "Brickfields IPA" and the Hopmonster "Three Cees"

    28/06/14 Sorry for the delay but no news is good news! Stock list updated with three new beers - George's Shrimpers Ale http://www.georgesbrewery.com/shrimpers.html and Brickfields IPA http://www.georgesbrewery.com/brickfileds.html and Hopmonster Three Cees - all excellent (of course!) and available now.

  • Equinox Pale Ale 4.0%

    12/03/14 Our latest brew has been casked - Equinox Pale Ale 4.0%. A classic Pale Ale, like the shimmerng spring sun, dry hopped for extra flavour and aroma. Available for pre-orders now.

  • Brickfields IPA - A Lower (3.7%)

    01/03/14 Our next new beer, to become one of our core beers, Brickfields IPA, has been brewed, again, as one of our 'Brew Day' experiences. Designed to meet the call from our customers to provide a lower alcohol (3.7%) classic style beer - looks like we're on target !

  • HMS Leigh 4.0%

    11/02/14 HMS Leigh 4.0%, our next Special was successfully brewed with the co-operation of our 'Brewer for the Day', Nick Horton, from Southwold. Available soon, this amber, malty, rich flavoured beer looks sure to become a favourite.

  • The Brewery is Hiring a new Cat

    30/01/14 The Brewery Cat has gone feral so we are looking for a replacement. If you have an interest in brewing, are fit, hold a full and clean driving licence, and willing and able to learn, then give us a call. Must be prepared to work in the cold and wet for a pittance!

  • George's Endeavour Gold 4.1%

    29/01/14 New Special George's Endeavour Gold 4.1% released after very successful début at the Station Arms Beer Festival - sold out in double-quick time. AVAILABLE NOW

  • New Page Added

    08/01/14 New Page added to site - Beer Festivals - showing upcoming events and festivals where our ales can be sampled. First entry is our good friends at the 'famous' Station Arms in Southminster. See you there.

  • A (Very) Small Price Increase

    08/01/14 Due to ever increasing raw material and utility costs, we have regrettably had to increase some of our prices. The web-site now reflects those new prices.

  • George's '74 Squadron' 4.0%

    17/11/13 Latest monthly special about to be released. George's '74 Squadron' 4.0% mid amber beer brewed with a distinctive array of hops. Can you work it out? IT'S OUT THERE NOW

  • Hopmonster's Snake Oil at 5%

    17/10/13 Something to warm the cockles over the wringer - a new brew from the Hopmonster with assistance from Charlie Saville now in the fermenters. Hopmonster Snake Oil at 5% is as dark as a witches hat, rich and potent. Brewed with an insane amount of coloured malts and a shedload of hops, it should be a good 'un. Now on sale.

  • George’s Merry Gentlemen

    03/10/13 As the nights draw in, a brewer's thoughts turn to dark and fruity ales. This year's brew of George’s "Merry Gentlemen" is in the fermenters and will ready soon! Now Ready!

  • Freakshow Feat. Magnum Hops

    28/09/13 Our latest Freakshow, this time featuring Magnum Hops has been released. Packed full of flavour, bitterness and aroma - one not to be missed.

  • Cockleboats Best Bitter - Now a Core Beer

    28/07/13 Due to popular demand - Cockleboats Best Bitter has now become one of our 'core' beers. Still absolutely perfect with a pint of cockles down Old Leigh or your local.

  • Banksy - Released

    25/02/13 The first of our 'Monthly Specials' has been released. Banksy is a copper coloured pale ale with excellent depth of flavour, high hop rates (Challenger hops) but still with the taste of fine English malt. Thanks to our favourite Guest Brewer Charlie Saville for his input.

  • New Prices for Xmas

    19/01/13 New Prices announced for mini-pins and poly-pins. Following their undoubted success over the Christmas period we have reviewed the prices for our mid-strength beers. Details can be found here. Still stonking value!


    12/12/2012 Are you a GROWLER or a SQUEAKER? We now have in stock top-notch reusable containers for you to take home filled with our excellent ales. See The Ale Shop page for more details.

  • New Site Launches

    30/11/2012 The new website is launched. Very much a 'work in progress' we welcome comments and suggestions on content and style.

  • Hopmonster Freakshow 7

    23/11/2012 Hopmonster Freakshow 7 brewed with Junga hops is officially declared the fastest selling beer at the South East Essex CAMRA beer festival held at Rochford Freight House. Less than 2 hours to sell the whole cask - someone must have liked it!