• Our Beers

  • Wallasea Wench 3.6% ABV


    Pale copper, lightly hopped, easy drinking session beer.

    The name started as a bit of a joke from Hillary Hunter, manager of Wallasea’s Wild Coast project and the name and the beer stuck. Cheers Hillary.

  • Wakering Gold 3.8% ABV

    Wakering's finest.

    The colour of summer barley and bursting with fresh hop aroma. A permanent feature in our coldroom because we all like reminding of summer. A refreshing blend of English and American hops dominate this easy drinking session ale.

  • Cockleboats Best Bitter 4.0% ABV

    Our best bitter.

    Deep copper colour, brewed using 5 Malts including some German.  2 American hop varieties make this a palate filling session ale that goes really well on the front at Leigh-on-sea with a pint of Leigh’s own cockles. 

  • Broadsword 4.7% ABV - Bottle Only

    Beer with an edge!

    Deep burnished copper coloured ale in the old style of wartime Great Britain. Malty roasted flavours slowly give way to hoppy dry finish. Sup this reminiscent old brew and walk down memory lane and feel like you’re right there at V.E day. 

  • Balthazar’s Feast 9.0% ABV - Bottle only

    The stuff of legend!

    Our premier beer, this extra strong Old Ale is the stuff of legend. Brewed with Belgian yeast, it’s as dark as midnight with a flavour that defies description. To taste this ale is to step back into a time when nanny governments did not exist and people could find real beer.

  • Banshee Porter 4.4% ABV - Bottle Only

    Outrageously Brewed!

    Rich and black, hints of liquorice, coffee and Bourneville chocolate although brewed using NONE of these. Seasonal beer for those bonfire nights, heavy and warming. 

  • Snake Oil Stout 5.0% - Bottle Only

    Won 'Beer of the festival' at RBCF 2016 ! 

    Black as Satan's heart. We used 5 English malts and 1 hop variety to brew this devilishly moreish venomous reptile of a beer. If you are of a weak disposition or not too fond of snakes don’t get close enough to let this bad boy bite you.  

  • Checkpoint Charlie 4.0% - Seasonal; Retired until March 2018!

    Blonde Ale

    Inspired by our Head Brewer Sam’s time in Germany we give you this 4 Malt brew with 3 hop varieties from the USA and Germany. 

  • Empire 4.0% - Seasonal; Available 29th August!

    Single Hopped with Bramling Cross

    This beautifully British ale is single hopped with Bramling Cross and packs a real fruity punch with hints of blackcurrant.

  • Hopmonster Opal 4.5%

    German Golden Ale

    German styled craft ale. Brewed using Opal hops, it's subtle but complex flavours combine perfectly together.

  • Gaspar's Star 8.6%

    Abbey Ale

    This complex strong ale has been crafted with a mix of crystal and smoked malts. We then hopped this mighty beer with a huge amount of Comet and Columbus hops to reach 119 IBUs! We then finished it off with an Abbey Ale yeast to provide the Alcohol warmth. This beer truly is fit for the three kings themselves!

  • Hilda B 4.1%

    Brewed Exclusively for The East Anglia Pub Company

    This beer is brewed exclusively for East Anglia Pub Co, You will find this ale on draught in all five of their Pubs: The Peterboat, The Bellhouse, The Hamlet Court, The Trading Rooms and The Exchange. This fine ale is brewed with Goldings, Fuggles, Black Treacle and a small amount of chocolate malt.

  • Table Beer 3.5% - Bottle Only

    Light and Refreshing!

    Very light and very refreshing, this easy drinking beer has aromas of fresh stone fruits which make you want to come back for more! So forget about having a bottle of wine at the table at your next ‘get together’; have our Table Beer instead!
  • George's India Papa Alpha 4.0% - Bottle Only

    Our New IPA

    This fruity but bitter IPA combines recipe elements from all styles of IPA. West Coast, East Coast, Session and English.

  • Winter's Gold 4.0%

    Our new festive gold ale!

    Refreshing and fruity, this easy drinking gold ale will go down a treat! As soft and golden as first light on a winter's morning.

  • Black Frost 4.0%

    Dry Black Bitter

    As dark and bitter as a cold winter’s night! Enjoy this ale whilst sitting next to the burning logs in the fireplace and watching the snow fall outside.